About us

Suisse Exchange (SUISSE EX) is a digital currency trading platform based in Switzerland. Providing services such as OTC and exchange, the platform aims to create the best quality and convenient trading experience for users, and provide fast and secure trading services with fair and reasonable quotations.

All members of SUISSE EX believe that blockchain technology will become the key to the future financial system, especially the banking system and payment services. Digital currency will gradually increase the convenience of daily transactions and eliminate barriers between national currencies. The starting point of the digital currency era, SUISSE EX is with you.



SUISSE EX's over-the-counter market connects global users with local currency for digital currency transactions. Currently, BTC, ETH, USDT (Omni & ERC 20), LTC, XRP, BCH, DASH and other currency transactions are allowed. The mode adopts the user-to-user and platform hosting mode.



The SUISSE EX currency trading function assists users in holding multiple digital currencies. SUISSE EX uses BTC and USDT (Omni & ERC 20) as the base currency and supports the currency trading combination of ETH, BCH and LTC.


Why choose SUISSE EX?

SUISSE EX offers a free registration and users have a secure online wallet.

Convenient and fast

A variety of trading channels and payment methods.

Safe and reliable

Bank-level encryption, cold storage and SSL.

Low commission

The lowest price in the industry creates a friendly trading environment.

Experience priority

Pay attention to the user experience.


Suitable for all kinds of mobile devices.


Comply with KYC/AML regulations and intuitive verification processes.